Please let us have your views about Trafford Magistrates Website

This site is now in its sixth year and during that time we have had many enquiries, from bus timetables, to requests for MIC presentations. We have even had guilty pleas sent through!
When we started this we had little idea how popular it would become, which is why we have given it a little facelift and rearranged the site to make it more accessible. We haven’t yet got round to internal search or comment facilities but if there is a demand, you never know.

The purpose of the site is to give our local community information about

  • Trafford Court
    • how to get to court
    • help available if you need to come to court.
    • how we conduct our business.
    • some history of the court
  • Magistrates Courts
    • the business of the court
    • who’s who in the courthouse
    • how decisions are made
  • Magistrates
    • who we are
    • how to apply
    • how we help to inform the community

We will not provide information about individual cases, but if you have any questions about Trafford Magistrates Court and what we do, or just about the website, please let us know, as we would like feedback.

You can e-mail us at info@traffordmagistrates.co.uk and if there are any questions that we cannot answer we will let you know who to contact.

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